Jaye Foucher

I am a musician and run my own web development and video production company. I became interested in mushing in 2000 after purchasing a siberian husky puppy as a pet. At the time I was still seriously pursuing a career as a rock musician and was just releasing my second album, yet fighting a bad case of burn-out on the music industry. During the summer of 2000 while searching for activities I could do with Mikayla in the winter months, I came across dog mushing on the internet. The more I read and saw, the more hooked I became. That fall I started attending sleddog events and races, hitched my then 9-month old siberian to a mountain bike, and the rest is history.

Less than two years later I moved from Waltham Massachusetts up to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire with 3 siberians in order to be closer to trails and snow. Two weeks after moving to NH I got a fourth siberian; two months later a fifth arrived and number six arrived less than a month after that. The kennel continued to grow at a rapid rate from there. What can I say? It's addicting!


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