Gear Sponsorship

Here is a list of gear needed for the upcoming season and/or Iditarod 2022. Donated gear can be new or used - I'm not picky, so long as it works! Gear Sponsors will get their names listed here on the website; donations equaling $100 or more in value will get you a free Sibersong t-shirt.

If you wish to send one of these items, please for my shipping address.

View our Amazon Wish List!

We have a few things on our Amazon Wish List and will be likely adding to it as the next year progresses.

Woolpower 800 Socks

These are seriously the best wool socks ever! Size: 37-39 (or US size Women's 8)

Quantity Needed: 6 socks total

Team Sibersong sends out a huge THANK YOU to their 2021-22 Season In Kind & Gear Sponsors:

  • Anna Marmann
  • Melissa Mendelson
  • ZabbyTabby Art
  • Toddy & Doug Munson
  • Ann Cook, Alkasi'ber Siberian Huskies
  • Jennifer Freking, Jedeye Siberian Huskies
  • Birgit von Pelser
  • Christina Gilbert, Gilbec's Soapsy Suds
  • Keith Miller
  • Christine Vezina
  • Megan Moberly
  • Mary Kate Venn
  • Larry Lubonty
  • CTC Dog Gear USA
  • Paul & Laura Ferretti
  • Distinctively Devyn Art
  • Eternal Alchemy Tattoo
  • Puddy, Colt & Quicker Ferretti
  • Jan McCannon
  • Carol Lee Durant & Kasey McCarty
  • Kathy Alatis Dills
  • Destinee Kiel
  • Cheryl Russo