Sibersong's Overwatch SD - "Felicity"

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About Felicity:

When Felicity was about 9 months old I began to realize that she was turning out to be almost a clone of her mother Sami. Sami had many kids and some looked just like her in markings, but while Felicity had different coloring she had Sami's build, Sami's head shape/muzzle, the same mannerisms, the same sweet personality (and then some!). And when I put Felicity in lead for the first time her yearling year next to her mother Sami I realized that Felicity had not only the exact same gait as her mother, she also had her mother's head in lead.

Felicity excelled as a leader - she was driven, focused, fast and smart. It didn't take long before she was one of my top leaders.

When Sami died unexpectedly from cancer I knew that when I was ready I would move Felicity into the house to take her mother's place there - but I needed some time to get over the loss of Sami first. In December of 2019 in Alaska, that opportunity finally came when Felicity got an injury on her leg from another dog attacking her in harness and I wanted to get her out of the extreme cold to heal.
From the minute she got up on a couch, she didn't want to leave. The first few days indoors I literally had to carry her outside to go potty or eat, as nothing could coax her off the couch. She stayed inside for about 2 weeks, then moved back outside to the dogyard when she was healed to rejoin the team. About 3 weeks later The Accident happened and she went missing for 3 days; when she finally found her way home, as most folks know her wrist was severely injured in the accident and at that point she moved inside permanently.

She was SUCH a snugglebug; she took to sleeping on my bed, and would also often hop up into my lap wherever I was sitting at night and would literally fall asleep with her head on my chest. Her mother used to do the same thing. She would wave her paw at me when she wanted attention, and give me the sweetest little kisses. She was a huge drama queen and would scream bloody murder if she thought it would get her some attention after another dog would snap at her - even if she hadn't even been touched by the other dog.

I miss my little peanut so much. She was taken from me way too soon, 2 days after Elsa left. No answers, only suspicions and heartache.


Siberian Husky
Female , Intact
October 12, 2017 - September 17, 2023
Eyes Clear:
9/2020, 5/2022
Sibersong's Green Arrow, Sibersong's Black Canary, Sibersong's White Canary, Sibersong's Speedy, Sibersong's Arsenal, Sibersong's The Hood

Race History:

Can-Am Crown 30, Lamoille Valley Sled Dog Race, Wilderness Sled Dog Race
Beargrease Marathon, Gunflint Mail Run, Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race - Team 1
Wilderness Race - Team 2