• Where the dogs live in multiple fenced dog yards
  • And get lots of free play time together!

About The Kennel

Our kennel in central NH features a number of dog yards and a large play yard where the dogs can really stretch out their legs and run. All of these yards feature 6 foot high fencing and hot-wire along the bottom edges to prevent digging or escape. Each dog has a wooden house and a stake out chain for separation at feeding and other times, but every dog gets tons of exercise off of their chains as well. In fall & winter months that usually means running in harness 5 days a week. In the spring & summer every dog gets hours and hours of free-play time with other dogs either in the dog yards or in the giant exercise yard.

Meet The Dogs

I raise and race both Distance Alaskan and AKC Siberian huskies here at Sibersong. Many people think that the purebred siberians cannot keep up with the alaskan huskies, but I see my team proving that wrong.

I started off in purebreds and ran only purebreds for many years. Adding alaskans was a bit of an experiment at first but I've continued with it because I believe the two breeds are learning from each other and balancing out each others' strengths and weaknesses in harness. I can't imagine ever getting out purebreds, and proving that the siberian husky can still be competitive continues to be my main goal in the kennel. But there are qualities I love about both breeds so I can't imagine going back to only purebreds here.

The Alaskan husky is a blend of various Northern breeds that have been bred for their abilities in harness. My Alaskan husky lines go back to many generations of proven distance lines (Mitch Seavey, Lance Mackey, and others). My AKC Siberian Huskies go back to a combination of Northome, North Wapiti, Kodiak and Anadyr lines. Somewhere, unintentionally along the way, I seem to have created my own blend of purebred siberian that is known as a Sibersong dog. :-)