2021 Sponsorship Opportunities

All sponsor monies go towards training/racing expenses.

I am so grateful to all of the sponsors who help us each season - it means so much to me to have your support! Whether this is your first time sponsoring or whether you're a returning sponsor, please know that your generosity is very very much appreciated.

Click on a sponsorship title below to select that sponsorship.

Why just sponsor a dog when you can sponsor the entire team? Team sponsors will receive the following:

  • Their name listed in multiple places on both this website and SibersongIditarod.com.
  • Mention in our race bios that appear on race websites and in print throughout the season.
  • A special gift to commemorate the race season*.
  • Sponsors of $750+ will also receive a banner ad on both websites.
  • Sponsors of $1000+ will also get their name or logo on the dog trailer for the season.

This sponsorship level is available to multiple sponsors.
Sponsor the whole team!

There is quite a bit of gear still needed before I run Iditarod in 2022. You can help by gifting the team with either used or new gear off this list. Gear sponsors will be listed on the Gear Sponsorship page and on our SibersongIditarod.com website. Click on the link below to find out precisely what we need!
Send us gear!

Each leg of a distance race requires a minimum of one set of brand new booties per dog. That's 48 booties, and at approximately $2 per set per dog it's roughly $25-$50 per race leg. That's a lot of booty! So we could really use some boot loot, and the dogs say they're willing to donate a used bootie* to anyone who has it in their hearts to outfit their feet in style this winter. Yes, that's right - being a Bootie Sponsor will net you 1 used, smelly dog boot that actually was used in one of our races! The musher will autograph it and everything. This sponsorship level is available to many many sponsors since we need many many booties.
Send me stinky booties!

Sponsor a dog for anywhere between $50-$250 - you pick which dog or dogs you want to sponsor. Dog sponsors will have their names listed on that dog's individual webpage, on our SibersongIditarod.com website and on the Dog Sponsorship page of the website, and sponsors of $150 or more will receive a Sibersong T-shirt*. All dogs can have multiple sponsors.
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*All sponsor gifts & goodies are mailed out at the end of each mushing/racing season.