Meet the Musher

Jaye Foucher

A graduate of Musician's Institute, Jaye spent 15 years pursuing a career in music, releasing 2 independent CDs and rising to some notoriety in the rock music industry as one of the top female guitarists of the late 90's-early 2000's.

Jaye became interesting in dog-mushing after purchasing a siberian husky puppy as a pet in April 2000. That fall she started attending sleddog events and races, hitched her then 9-month old siberian to a mountain bike, and the rest is history.

Less than two years later Jaye moved from Waltham Massachusetts up to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire with 3 siberians in order to be closer to trails and snow. Two weeks after moving to NH she got a fourth siberian; two months later a fifth arrived and number six arrived less than a month after that. A few years later she began her own breeding program.

From the very beginning Jaye was interested in distance racing. In 2003 Jaye ran her first sleddog race on snow, The Craftsbury 30 Miler. Two years later she entered her first 60 mile race, and in 2007 finished the Can-Am 250 as a rookie. She continues to compete in distances of 100-400 miles most winters, now with a team primarily made up of dogs that have been born and raised here at Sibersong.

Jaye is currently the President of North Country Mushers and is the co-founder of NH's only stage race The Great North Woods Sled Dog Challenge.

Makayla Kinsley

Makayla began working with Sibersong Sleddogs at the age of 14. She had been interested in learning to dogsled for many years, ever since seeing a presentation by Mike Ellis when she was 5 years old.

Initially Makayla helped around the kennel one day a week with feeding and chores. The following season she occasionally came out on training runs with the team. When she turned 16, she began regularly helping with the training of the teams and learning how to drive them. That winter she ran a small team by herself for the first time.

The season of 2017-18 Makayla began driving her own team in both fall and winter training. She participated in her first race that winter, The Chinook 14 miler, placing 5th out of 14 mushers and this season, 2019, she has been competing in 30 mile races. Her goal is to someday compete in the Iditarod.