2021-22 Sponsor A Dog

Dog Sponsorships are now open for Iditarod 2022!

The dogs listed in the top 3 categories below are part of the training pool for racing next year. Other dogs are available to sponsor as well, if you can't swing sponsoring one of the Iditarod pool.

All sponsorship monies will be used only for racing and training expenses. Dog sponsors will have their names listed on that dog's individual webpage, on our SibersongIditarod.com website and below; sponsors of $150 or more will also receive a free gift at the end of the season.

Click on a dog's photo below to go to their individual page for more info about that dog. To sponsor that dog, click on the sponsor button below the dog's photo. This will bring you to our Paypal shopping cart page. Or if you wish to sponsor via check or money order, please for instructions on how to do so.

Dogs can have multiple sponsors.

Thank you to our 2021-22 Team Sponsors!

Dana Kevelder

David & Kenley Foucher

Jeanne & David Seaquist

Larry Lubonty

Peggy & Joel Grass

Sue & Bob Bain, in honor of Meco & Willow

Toddy & Doug Munson

Quadtek Inc.

Megan Moberly

Bob & Barb Liukkonen

Natalie Velasquez

Rosalie Suescun

The Pangelinan Family

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The Super Star Lead Team - $250

These two are my absolute best and most incredible leaders.

The Lead Dogs - $150

Proven leaders from prior seasons.


Sponsor Me!

Sponsored by:
Toddy & Doug Munson
Stephen & Gail Guertin
Markus Staudacher

The Race Dogs - $100

The rest of the crew headed to Alaska to train for Iditarod.


Sponsor Me!

Sponsored by:
Jill Holmes
Paul & Laura Ferretti
Sarah Brooks & Guy Landry
Shelby Wright


Sponsor Me!

Sponsored by:
Taylor Johannigman
Jill Holmes
Pauline Bray
Shelby Wright

The Team Dogs - $75

These dogs still run with the team but will not be part of the race pool due to age or other factors.

The Future - $50

These yearlings and pups are the future of my team. Sponsor your favorite cutie while they're young!