Race Plans

This winter, 2019, my goal is to complete my qualifiers for Iditarod. I need two more long races, and one of those will need to be something longer than 300 miles. Since you cannot use the same race twice, this means making the trek out to either the Canadian Challenge in Saskatchewan or Race to the Sky in Montana. I've chosen Canadian Challenge as the goal because I've heard it better prepares you for alaska in terms of temperature, terrain, and toughness. The final qualifier will be the Can-Am 250 in early March.

The trip to Saskatchewan will be double the trip that going to Beargrease was. We will need to raise considerable sponsorship monies in order to pull that race off. Please consider sponsoring the team or a dog to help us get there!

Tentative Race Schedule 2019

January ?Eagle Lake 100
February 19Canadian Challenge
Elk Ridge, Saskatchewan Canada
March 2Can-Am Crown 250
Fort Kent, Maine