Race Plans

Upcoming Race Plans

While initially I thought to return to Alaska to run Iditarod this season, it turned out my PTSD wasn't healed enough from last winter's accident to face being in Alaska again so soon. So this season I will focus on running a few 200+ mile races and getting more experience on some of the younger dogs. We will return to Iditarod training in a future year.

Here is a current list of races planned for this season:

Date Race
January 7-8, 2023Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race 42/24 (Tentative), Newberry MI
February 4, 2023Wilderness Race 70, Greenville ME
March 4-6, 2023Can-Am Crown 250, Fort Kent ME
March 17-21, 2023La Chic-Chocs 200, New Richmond/Gaspé QC