Niddy-Noddy of Sibersong - "Noddy"

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About Noddy:

Noddy was tragically killed in an accident on January 19th 2022 in Willow Alaska, while in training for the Iditarod. Noddy was only 2.5 years old and already proving to be an incredible leader like his mom. He had been running lead a lot the season of 2021-22, and I fully expected to see him leading quite a bit on Iditarod.

Noddy was a handful as a pup, but as he matured he got more easy-going and got along better with other. males. He was a super playful boy who reminded me so much of his dad Flint. He had the nonstop drive of an Alaskan in harness but in personality and build was more like a siberian. He never seemed to be tired after a run, and even after some of our longest runs in harness he would be lunging and screaming to go again when another team was being hooked up.

The weekend prior to his death, Noddy ran lead with his mom Astrid during a 150 mile training trip. They were a funny lead pair who on a wide trail would zigzag back and forth, both leaders trying to 'hug' the trail edge on the side they were running on. Noddy would veer the team over to the gee side and Astrid would follow; then a few seconds later Astrid would veer the team over to the haw edge of the trail and Noddy would follow. It was both frustrating and hilarious at the same time to watch them work together. I had made a mental note to remember not to run them together on a wide trail in Iditarod. LIttle did I realize that would be the last time Noddy completed a run with the team.

The day of the accident Noddy was running in swing behind the leaders, and was on the haw side of the gangline. Felicity was beside Noddy on his right. Noddy took the brunt force of the hit from the truck that slammed into the team at 50 mph and I truly believe he saved Felicity's life.

Oh Noddy, sweet boy, I miss you terribly and think of you every day. Run free, my 'Noddy Puppy".


Alaskan Husky
Male , Intact
August 18, 2019 - January 19, 2022
Astrid of Sibersong (Jaye Foucher)
Kelim's Captain James Flint (Kim & Kelly Berg)
Swift, Hopper, Twist, Ophelia

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